Hungarian Junior Champion 2x (MEOE-2008, MKSZ-2008)


HKC: 3x Promising, 11x Very promising I.,  2x Baby Res.BIS, 2x Puppy BIS, Puppy Res.BIS,

Baby Club Winner (2007), 3x HPJ, 4x CAC, Res.CAC, Best Female

HKC BHC: Best puppy female of the year (2007), Best junior female of the year 2008 IV.

MKSZ: 5x Very promising I., Beauty of Happy Dog, Baby BIS III., Puppy BIS, 3x HPJ, 2x Best Junior, Derby Győztes (2008),

3x CAC, HFGY, BOG, Munka BIS, Munka Res.BIS, Munka BIS III.

MKSZ OTK: Best puppy female of the year (2007), Top Junior Female (2008)

Foreign country results: 2x CACA, 2x CAC UA, CAC SK

Euro Dog Show - Zagreb (2007): Very promising II.

Club Show - Austria (2007): Excellent V.

Euro Dog Show - Budapest (2008): Excellent

Club Show - Austria (2008): Club Winner

Breeding test (2008), Working trial - First prize - 100% (2008)