Hungarian Junior Champion (MEOE, 2004)
Bulgarian Champion (2005)
Hungária Champion (MEOE, 2007)
Hungária Champion (MKSZ, 2007)
Hungária Show Champion (MEOE, 2007)

Ukrainian Champion (2008)

Ukrainian Grand Champion (2008)


4x HPJ (Hungarian Prima Junior)
Jugendbester, 5x Res.CAC, 7x CAC, Res.CAC SK, 3x Res.CACA
5x CACA, 2x CAC BG, 2x CAC UA, 2x Best Female UA, 2x Res.CAC HR, Anw.Dt.Ch. (VDH), 6x Res.CACIB
4x CACIB, Bundessieger (2006), Club Winner (Austria, 2005), 2xBOB, BOG III.
Euro Dog Show (Barcelona, 2004): Youth Class, Excellent
Champion of 2004 II., Champion of 2007, Champon of 2008 IV., Beauty of Jászberény (2007)
Best female IV. of the year (2007)
Working Trial - Second Prize

MKSZ OTK: Best female of the year (2007)